3 reasons to AVOID antibiotics when your child has an ear infection.

Thinking of giving your child an antibiotic to treat their ear infectionđź‘‚? Check this out first!

1. Antibiotics destroy the healthy good bacteria in the gut, which is your first line of defense in your in your immune system. With a weakened immune system your child is prone to sickness and disease later in life.

2. The majority of ear infections are viral, NOT bacterial, so antibiotics won’t help anyway. Why risk your child’s gut health and immune system when they may not work anyway?

3.There are NATRUAL OPTIONS! Garlic Ear Oil, Wait and see, and of course chiropractic care.

Garlic Ear Oil, otherwise known as “Natures Antibiotic”. This will get to the root of the infection and kill off any offending pathogens.

Wait and See. Did you know, among average risk children with ear infections, 80% of recover in 3 days without the use of antibiotics?

Chiropractic Care. Subluxation in the upper neck prevents nerve signals from getting to and from the ear. Neurologically-based adjustments help the body to heal naturally.