4 Minute Morning Routine To Activate Your Positive Energy

  1. Gratitude. Releases stress and rewires the brain. Bring your awareness to your heart center as you speak to what you’re grateful for. Your hearts electromagnetic field will balance your energy within your body and 6 feet outwards.
  2. Stretch & Jump. Sounds simple? It’s an easy way to boost your circulation. Lymphatics rely on movement to get moving and detox energy-draining toxins. Your heart + lymphatics get moving with gentle stretching or 1 minute of jumping rope.
  3. Deep Breathing. 10 deep belly breaths can flood your body with energizing oxygen & life energy. Breath with intention for your body to heal & feel energized. Deep breaths activate the calming of the nervous system and regulate the stress response.
  4. Water & Intention. Drink water with intention. Treat it like a mini meditation. Feel grateful & visualize your day going as planned. Water has energy & has memory. Infuse it with loving intentions to energize your body.