Cardiac Coherence

Feeling or remembering negative emotions unbalances our nervous system. When we feel negative emotions the heart sends signals to the brain, which in turn sends signals to the hormonal system. Some chemicals such as cortisol are released to the blood and can be harmful to our health if produced in excess. In this situation, our Heart Rate Variability is disordered and Incoherent.

An Incoherent Heart Rate Variability blocks cognitive functions such as attention, memory, perception and problem solving. In a state of incoherence, we are more likely to suffer stress, anxiety, apathy, depression, etc.

On the other hand, positive emotions generate physiological and psychological benefits. On the physiological level, evoking positive emotions such as love, joy, gratitude, compassion, etc., stimulates the immune system. Our health increases and we feel lighter. On the psychological level, positive emotions allow the brain to be more creative and to find efficient solutions to real problems. When we feel positive emotions the Heart Rate Variability generates Coherent waves that balance all the body systems.The ability to think clearly, to learn, to remember, to reason and to make right decisions is significantly increased. Then we find ourselves in Cardiac Coherence.

Talking about Cardiac Coherence is talking about efficiency. When we are in coherence, the nervous, cardiovascular, hormonal and immune systems work harmoniously and efficiently.