Meet Dr. Scott Huff

Over the past several years, I have developed and practiced three office locations of the St. Louis and Lake of the Ozarks areas, namely downtown St. Louis, Ballwin, and Camdenton. Now I get to serve more of the community at a new and larger, centralized location in Creve Coeur. I have the privilege of being able to help many people, ranging from newborn infants to seniors, sedentary patients, to high level athletes.  By removing interference to the nervous system people get well.  During my clinical practice, I observed that peoples’ lifestyle choices, especially surrounding stress, artificial light, nutrition, environmental components, and exercise kept them from achieving the highest and most lasting level of health of which they are capable. This is what brought me to Functional Physiology and Quantum Biology.  Emotional stress, dietary stress, energetic stress, pain and hidden inflammation, over time, will cause the normal healthy function of the body’s systems to break down resulting in chronic health conditions like weight gain, fatigue, depression, digestive problems, and male/female hormone disruption, etc.  By using lab-based natural healing programs created around a patient’s biochemical individuality and lifestyle coaching, people recover normal function and return to feeling alive and energetic once again.