What Our Clients Are Saying About Us!

Tim S:

“I have been treated by Dr. Huff for about 4 years now.  Before I saw him, I had been struggling with a shoulder injury for almost a year.  I had been to other chiropractors for the duration of that time but wasn’t seeing any results. I had pain when I lifted my arm, accompanied by some popping, and limited range of motion.  I couldn’t lift my arm above my shoulder.  I was also told that I may need surgery. The first treatment visit with Dr. Huff involved addressing this issue.  After implementing specific chiropractic adjustments along with lifestyle advice, I was able to lift my arm straight up alongside my head, with no more pain, and no more popping.  It has been 4 years now and I have no need for surgery!”

Julie B:

“We are absolutely certain that ANYONE alive will experience benefit when working with Dr. Scott Huff!  A committed patient will improve dramatically, and a dedicated patient will learn how to change their life to reflect physical vitality and mental clarity. Dr. Huff is clear in helping his patients understand the true value of taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle. Add the mountains of amazing, sensible new facts and approaches provided and “waa-laa” a better quality of life has emerged. My husband and I are big fans of an occasional Dr. Huff supervised detoxification program. We are actually in the midst of one right now! I got up a bit achy and congested this morning, but I know that it is all part of the process. My husband, on the other hand, who is at the exact same stage of the program, bounded up announcing how great it is to FEEL GOOD! Despite how we are feeling during our detox, we know just how important it is to get adjusted during the process so that our bodies are able to deal with the stressors involved. It’s always a two-for-one deal when we go in for our appointments. The patient pays for the visit with Dr. Huff – his wealth of knowledge and skill – but the delightful interaction with Jackie (who knows or can find-out anything) is free! After finally adopting the lifestyle changes we dreaded and now relish, we have a one small regret, waiting so long to get started!”


“Functional Health Institute has been a Godsend for me. I originally began seeing Dr. Huff in March because I’d been having weakness, tingling and numbness in my arms for 6 months. I saw a handful of other chiropractors who tried everything from scraping, acupuncture, laser adjustments etc. with no relief and recommendations of bilateral carpal tunnel surgery. After working with Dr. Huff, I’ve regained the function of both my arms and saw numerous other health improvement as well. My irregular menstrual cycles have regulated to 28 days and the endometriosis type pain I was experiencing mid-cycle also improved. Perhaps what I am most grateful for is that Dr. Huff has been able to help me with some pretty scary heart issues over the past couple of months, allowing me to finish my first year of chiropractic school. He took the time to find the root cause of my symptoms, which was actually a thyroid problem and was able to help me get it under control quickly. I can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Huff, his wife Jackie and receptionist Angie, as they have all been instrumental in my care. After witnessing the thoroughness, quality of care, and love that I have received at Functional Health Institute, I would not trust my chiropractic or healthcare needs anywhere else.”

Shawn M:

“Hello my name is Shawn and I have been a patient of Dr. Scott Huff at Functional Health Institute for a little over five years now. The value that you get from each visit is second to none. With each visit, you will learn something new about chiropractic and/or about how you can better yourself not only through chiropractic but also through health and wellness. The front desk staff is friendly and eager to serve you any way they can. Dr. Huff’s knowledge of the body and health is impeccable and it shows. His procedures are catered to make you feel comfortable and allow your body to function the way it was designed to. In my time with Dr. Huff, we have been able to get me off a medication that I was taking for 5 years prior to meeting him. This medication was required in order for me to function and get through a day. As you can imagine, this was a life changing experience. Furthermore, he has helped me become a successful student by training my body to withstand stress in any form that life throws at me. Being a patient at Functional Health Institute is more than just being a scheduled time on the calendar, it’s about being a family member that is there for you in good times and in bad. If you are looking for a personable experience that is geared toward getting your health in order, then Functional Health Institute is for you. ”

Barbara B, CNC:

“I began seeing Dr. Scott Huff in 2009 with upper gut pain that I thought was pancreas related. After a complete examination he not only found it was my poor digestion that I suffered from, but even more importantly he showed me how important I was to him as a patient and as a human being. He went on to adjust my body and recommend supplements and dietary changes which quickly improved my digestion.
Dr. Huff’s passion as a healing doctor is immense. I had seen chiropractors since the age of 17 but had never encountered one like him! The extent of his education is impressive, and he is continually learning more and more to improve his ability to, most importantly, help his patients. He then can treat and educate them to heal. I have found that most doctors treat patients with indifference, guesswork, drugs, or offer the same treatments repeatedly. Healing the body and mind is first and foremost to Dr. Huff and the Functional Health Institute staff.
If you want to be treated with respect, love, and as an individual by a doctor who will listen to you and do the WORK to get you the information you need to heal, you will find it at Functional Health Institute.
I am 62 years old and feel wonderful, take zero drugs and am very active physically, in large part due to the care of Dr. Huff and my complying with what he recommends.
I have recommended many people see Dr. Huff. He will tell them things they never knew about their health and he will just plain blow their minds with his professional abilities and personal impact. “